Colorockie is incredible!

Colorockie is incredible! Their embroidery is unmatched when it comes to providing a quality product! They have been such a pleasure to work with that i won’t even think about going to somewhere else to get my work done…and i’m in Kansas City!
Colorokie is one of those business that just “gets it.” As great as their products are they provide an even greater customer service. I spent an entire six months sifting through businesses that would offer what it is that i was looking for…Talking to owners and having samples sent to me and the only company that stood out was Colorockie.
Margie (the owner) has personally contacted me on multiple occasions to ensure that i was a satisfied customer. She is honestly the type of person that puts the customer first. I could go on and on about how satisfied i am. They definitely deserve more than a 5 STAR RATING! Again… COLOROCKIE IS THE PLACE TO GO!!!!
Shawnee, KS

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