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ColoRockie Embroidery & Digitizing is a steadily growing company due to an growing number of very satisfied customers. Many of our embroidery customers are high-end clients which consist of well-known businesses, teams and individuals of both major summer and winter sporting events of the national and worldwide realm, major broadcasting networks, city, county and state law enforcement agencies across the nation, as well as fire departments nationwide. We consider ourselves to be friendly, easy to work with, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you get the best results possible. We view teamwork to be a great asset to our company and an advantage when it comes to working with more complex designs. Some jobs require a little talent from each one of us in order to produce the best outcome. We are a very blessed organization for having this opportunity to work with the best customers EVER!


ColoRockie Embroidery & Digitizing is a company that consists of a team of talented and highly skilled digitizers & embroiderer with a huge desire to do the best job possible in the business, for the people we serve. ColoRockie Embroidery & Digitizing is big enough to compete with the “big guys” in the embroidery digitizing business, yet small enough to maintain a personal relationship with our embroidery customers.

ColoRockie Embroidery & Digitizing is one of the very few companies that can handle small and complex lettering, as well as fine and intricate detail. Besides complex lettering, we do tackle twill, 3D Puff designs, appliqué, and when your artwork is not up to standards, we can put our talents together to recreate new artwork for the designs, as we have so often done.


If our work makes your work shine, then we are doing our job! ColoRockie Embroidery & Digitizing is a major ingredient to the outcome of any embroidery design. An embroidery design can be digitized well enough to call it good, but if you want it to be great, you need high quality digitizing. Many people are accustomed to mediocre digitizing, so they are not always aware of what high quality digitizing consists of. Once they’ve had the opportunity to sew out our high quality digitizing, they will never want to use mediocre digitizing again. Some may think that by paying more for digitized embroidery designs, they are getting better quality, but, that is not always the case. In our case, people, more often than not, pay less for higher quality embroidery digitized jobs. Our digitizing is completely done by hand in Cad software with the state-of-the-art Wilcom software program and we NEVER use automatic digitizing software. Digitizing by hand allows our digitizers to choose where to put a stitch in the correct direction of the stitching to be sewn, the type of embroidery stitches, the stitch counts, push and pull, the sequencing of the stitching, as well as the number of thread colors and placement of color in the design.

• Each design proof checked and double checked before being sent to the customer

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• DST format is industry standard and universally used at all embroidery companies