What a great experience..

Back in December I needed someone to digitize a logo for a shirt for my son’s business. Since you have always been so helpful to me I thought you would be able to give me some advice. You directed me to EMBROIDERY ISLAND and I emailed a number of the companies with my request. Although most of them responded LOGO EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING responded immediately! with the kindness and courtesy of an old friend. I let them know that I was a real novice and so Margie walked me through the process. They sent me the design within two days. I had a little trouble with the first sew through and they immediately made some corrections for me. When I still had trouble, Margie suggested there may be some problems with my bobbin tension and there was. They would not process my payment to them until I was absolutely satisfied! What a great experience the whole thing was and if I need any more designs done I will definitely use them again and again!
All this to say, thank you for your direction and you can have the utmost confidence in referring customers to LED.
Thanks again!

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