Hi Margie,

“Margie was insistent on working on my design until it was flawless and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m already ordering more!”

And it’s true – I’ve already got a bunch of friends clamoring for hats, so I’m ordering more that I’d like to bring in to you when I get the blank hats in! I’m not sure when it will be because I’m going on vacation soon, but hopefully before the end of the month I’ll be able to bring in the new blank ones. Probably a smaller order than last time, but I need to replace the hats my friends are asking for! J



In a world full of ‘value adds’ and ‘customer centric’ it’s hard to fine real, measureable, value.

Colorockie, with Margie at the helm, delivers a measureable value that’s so precise–you want to pay her more for the work she does than the price she asks.

I’m not sure how I ended up finding Margie, but at a time when a few other ‘franchise’ based embroidery shops had told me ‘no’ or ‘maybe, but it’s going to cost $1 per letter’ or something of the like; I quickly saw my dream of doing something very special, on a very special day—a once in a lifetime day…fading quickly.

I’m not sure where I got the idea to even write my vows, but I knew that I wanted to be different—to do something extraordinary. The idea to have lines of text embroidered on a men’s handkerchief seems, I’ll admit, a bit crazy. The idea that I could carry my vows in plain sight, tucked neatly in my suit breast pocket until needed, seemed special. The opportunity to forever have them for my wife and I to view in a form that won’t get lost or fade like cheap ink on an even cheaper piece of Office Depot’s best printer paper; captured me.

Customer service, true, unfaltering customer service, is found when someone with a special skill can add real, measureable, value to a task the customer can only slightly explain in theory. It’s akin to custom car restoration pros or heirloom decorative furniture craftsmen. It becomes a shared goal, a task to be completed with care and understanding; focused on exceeding expectations.

Margie and her embroidery work has provided me with a few items now. All special, all meant to capture the moment of a special day, and all beautifully crafted with skill and an unwavering attention second to none. She isn’t a run of the mill little league hat embroiderer—although I’m sure she’d be happy to add her special touch to those young men just the same.

Thank you for you dedicated hard work.

A fan for life,

I can definitely tell a difference. I was working with a middle eastern guy recently who I could tell had an automatic software that did it. He knew no English and couldn’t change anything from a picture I sent him. On top of that he made me pay for a past logo before he would do any revisions, and I could only pay on PayPal, which I had to set up and that took a lot of time. Even knowing this he wouldn’t send the revision until I paid. Needless to say, it was the last time I used him. But his prices were $7 minimum- $20 maximum, so you can see the appeal. If I could stay around $20, that would make him happier, but I hate to ask that of you all. Being a small business too, I understand that it costs more to do quality work.

I appreciate your help with everything!

I will be honest, I have sent a few logos off to other places lately who are cheaper and have almost instant turn around. But I have yet to find one I will stick with. Their quality isn’t good, and they don’t take pride in their work and try and help me out like you all do. I have had pressure from my boss to find a cheaper solution for digitizing but honestly, the quality you all put in your work and as much as you have helped us out to provide our customers with a quality product, I’ d rather pay more than disappoint our clients. And I have told him this.

I just wanted to let you know that and to tell you I appreciate you all very much. Without good digitizing, we couldn’t succeed in the embroidery business. Thank you very much!



Isaac S.
Denver, CO

5.0 star rating
High quality products at an affordable price!


5 Stars!!!
We LOVED the service! Truly a wonderful & genuine company! They kept us involved along the way and asked detailed questions to ensure they got it just right for our company. They’re perfectionists in every sense of the word. The best part is we felt like we’d known each other for years. THANK YOU for the amazing service and you have our business/friendship for life! 🙂

Aija R.
Golden, CO


Tish O.
Denver, CO
Margie helped pick the perfect font for a Christmas stocking with my granddaughter’s name. She has an eye for design and is an excellent seamstress! I loved their kind service! I recommend Colorockie Embroidery & Digitizing!

Ron B.
Victorville, CA

Awesome workmanship!!!
I will only use her service no matter how far I move away from Co…..
Gave her my idea and the only shirt types I wanted to use and BAM! she just did her thing a week later my product was at my house. I’m always receiving comments from my co workers.


Nico Y.
Shawnee, KS

Colorockie is incredible! Their embroidery is unmatched when it comes to providing a quality product! They have been such a pleasure to work with that i won’t even think about going to somewhere else to get my work done…and i’m in Kansas City!
Colorokie is one of those business that just “gets it.” As great as their products are they provide an even greater customer service. I spent an entire six months sifting through businesses that would offer what it is that i was looking for…Talking to owners and having samples sent to me and the only company that stood out was Colorockie.
Margie (the owner) has personally contacted me on multiple occasions to ensure that i was a satisfied customer. She is honestly the type of person that puts the customer first. I could go on and on about how satisfied i am. They definitely deserve more than a 5 STAR RATING! Again… COLOROCKIE IS THE PLACE TO GO!!!!


Back in December I needed someone to digitize a logo for a shirt for my son’s business. Since you have always been so helpful to me I thought you would be able to give me some advice. You directed me to EMBOIDERY ISLAND and I emailed a number of the companies with my request. Although most of them responded LOGO EMBROIDERY DIGITIZING responded immediately(!) with the kindness and courtesy of an old friend. I let them know that I was a real novice and so Margie walked me through the process. They sent me the design within two days. I had a little trouble with the first sew through and they immediately made some corrections for me. When I still had trouble, Margie suggested there may be some problems with my bobbin tension and there was. They would not process my payment to them until I was absolutely satisfied! What a great experience the whole thing was and if I need any more designs done I will definitely use them again and again!
All this to say, thank you for your direction and you can have the utmost confidence in referring customers to LED.
Thanks again!

Leannah Meritt